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15 unmissable podcasts, as recommended by the Angelfish team!

Everyone and their mum seem to have a podcast these days.

When all you need is a smartphone, editing software and an interesting topic in mind, it’s very easy to get your own series up and running.

With so many podcasts out there, though, how do you pick the ones worth your time? Well, we’ve been discussing this here at Angelfish HQ, and the team have come up with their top recommendations for you!

Insights like these are so useful when we are recruiting for paid media research studies in the UK, so that we can learn more about you, our respondent, to make sure you’re a good fit for the project – and vice versa!

So, whether you’re listening on a sunny beach, on the morning commute, or as you get ready for the day, here are our best picks…

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Here are our top 15 podcasts (arranged by category):

Physical health

Fit & Fearless

Think all things fitness and health with this one. As part of the #GirlGains crew, Tally, Zanna and Vic offer inspiration to those wanting to increase their body confidence. Truly educational and utterly inspiring, this podcast is great for those looking for a bit of extra spring in their step!

Deliciously Ella

Ella and Matthew Mills, founders and CEO of Deliciously Ella, interview experts in health and nutrition to bring a little inspiration to everyday diets. From making sustainable changes to dealing with stress, they cover a wide range of topics and give me inspiration for every-day meals.

Food for thought

Simplifying wellness, Rhiannon Lambert is the UK’s leading Nutritionist, helping to live a healthy lifestyle. Cutting through the fads and offering evidence-based advice, she encourages you to live well through a balanced diet.

Food Psych

In each episode of these podcasts, you’ll learn something new about diet culture. Listening to Christy Harrison and her guests talk about body positivity and acceptance illuminates how they’ve made peace with food and how to break away from diet culture.

Off Menu

Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble is definitely one for a good giggle. In each episode, they invite special guests into their imaginary restaurant, where they have to choose their favourite starter, main, dessert, and drink. Served with a side of comedy, this podcast really is one for a laugh.

True crime


The ultimate true-crime podcast! As they say themselves; fact is scarier than fiction – and this is certainly the case with these episodes. Each one takes you through a different case; it’s one to really get your teeth into!

My Favourite Murder

Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the ‘My Favourite Murder podcast’ puts a comedic spin on true crime stories. Whenever you listen in, you’ll feel like they’re in the room with you, and that you are part of the conversation!

Mental health

Happy place

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast series shares advice from famous faces and wellbeing experts on how to work through feeling blue to finding joy each and every day. It’s a great one to have playing in the background.


Jules and Sarah also have a podcast called ‘Wobble’ which is all about happiness and body confidence. Again, their chatty, laid-back style put a positive spin on the fact that, sometimes, it’s okay not to be okay.

With so many pressures to look good and to take that ‘perfect insta shot’, it can be tricky to keep positive about the way you look. This podcast is a breath of fresh air.

Is This Adulting?

The ‘Is This Adulting?’ podcast comes from the initiative to help those who don’t feel worthy of the title ‘adult’. They want to break the stigma of mental health while keeping things light-hearted.

They talk about topics that so many find difficult to speak up about, which I feel is so important in this day and age.

An elderly woman running and listening to a podcast as part of paid media research studies in the UK.


The Wooden Spoon

This podcast is by a group of four university students who discuss what it means to be successful beyond the books and grades in school. They chat about the fact that, once you leave school, life is no longer defined by scores and deadlines, and instead is about defining success that’s unique to you.

Make it Happen

Jen Carrington is a creative coach for business owners. Her podcast does exactly what it says on the tin: helping other creatives push their creativity in the right direction, overcome fears and produce the content they want to produce.

Bryony Gordon: If I Can Do It

Bryony Gordon is a journalist and author who talks about the obstacles people face throughout life on the road to success. From speaking to female refugees who’ve fled South Sudan’s deadly civil war, to discussing body positivity with those making waves in the industry, this is a truly inspiring podcast.

Chattering and nattering

The Fringe of It

Bloggers Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin’s chatty podcast is literally just that – a chatty podcast! It’s as if you’re in on the conversation with them as they discuss millennial life, best shopping picks, and what they’ve been up to recently. A great one for easy listening.

Jules & Sarah The Podcast

Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell bring you nonsense-driven podcasts that’ll leave you with a smile on your face. It feels like you’re hanging out with them – and they make pretty good company!

Everyone’s selections and preferences are so different, and we hope this gives you an insight into the team here at Angelfish Opinions!

It’s insights like these that big brands find particularly useful when they’re conducting paid media research studies in the UK.

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