Birthday cake

Affordable birthday gift ideas!

Buying birthday gifts for friends and relatives should be a fun experience, but if you’re strapped for cash it can end up feeling a little bit stressful. However, rather than copping out with something small, there are some great thrifty gift ideas out there which are not only unique but won’t batter your purse too hard. And, if you want to make extra cash, you can always earn money doing surveys, focus groups, accompanied shops, and more with Angelfish!

So, here are our top five affordable birthday gift ideas…

Get crafty and make something

We’ve all tried making something at one time or another and invariably the results leave a lot to be desired! However, if you think outside the box a bit, you can come up trumps. A gift hamper is an easy way to create a unique and thoughtful present without breaking the bank – you just need to be selective about what you choose. Some delicious chocolate and some fancy toiletries look incredible when properly wrapped and presented, or a selection of cheeses and chutneys for those with a more savoury tooth. If you’ve got an abundance of fruit and veg in the garden you can make a wonderful fresh basket of goodies – all you have to do is find something nice to display them in. Check out A Thrifty Missus blog for more ideas on great, homemade hampers.

Get your Bake Off on

Home baking and cooking is incredibly popular nowadays and you can make a sweet and thoughtful present without too much expense and effort. Whatever your cooking skill level, you will be able to knock up some tasty cupcakes or brownies, and if you wrap them beautifully, they will make a wonderfully presented gift. You can tailor your baking or cooking to whoever you’re making them for, for example, if they’re vegetarian or vegan, making it an even more personal gift.

Have a hunt around the charity shops

Gone are the days when charity shops were the preserve of elderly ladies: you can pick up some incredible bargains if you put in a bit of effort. Whilst you could get your hands on some amazing vintage clothes, there is much more to be found in the shape of unique pieces of furniture, pottery, art, and antique books, usually at a rock bottom price. The high street shops are full of mass-produced things, but a charity shop is the place to find some rare and special (and cheap!).

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Take them out on the town

Spending quality time with someone special is much better than just handing them a gift, so why not plan a special outing? Have a careful think about what someone will enjoy, perhaps a film, a museum or a day out in the countryside and make a whole day of it with a picnic. If you’re really at the bottom of your bank account, look out for great free events in your area, or earn money doing surveys, focus groups, online communities, and more! We have lots of market research projects all the time, so take a look at our current projects.

Make them a mixtape

Whilst cassettes might be a thing of the past, the idea of making a compilation of songs for someone special definitely isn’t. Most people have still got a CD player or, if they’re super up to date, you could put it on a USB or make them a Spotify playlist. A compilation is a very personal gift and you can make a list of songs that mean something to you both, whether it’s romantic smoochy songs or some banging tunes that you have danced the night away to. It’s easy to do, super cheap and will be a huge hit – trust us on this one!

Do any of these ideas take your fancy? We guarantee whoever you’re giving them to will be more pleased to receive something thoughtful and personal than something flashy and expensive. If you still need a little cash injection, you can earn money doing surveys, focus groups, and other fun market research studies by signing up to our panel today!

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