attitudes to supermarket shopping during lockdown

Lockdown Life: Supermarkets

Discover the results from our latest survey, which deep-dives into people’s attitudes to supermarket shopping during lockdown. Thank you very much to all those who took part!

lockdown life holidays

Lockdown Life: Holidays

Discover the results from our latest survey, which takes a look at attitudes to holidays during the lockdown. Thank you very much to those of you who very kindly took part in it! Want to take part in paid market research? Sign up to our panel here.

Lockdown Life Media

Lockdown Life: Media

Discover the intriguing results from our market research, which explores people’s media consumption during the lockdown. Thank you very much to all of you who very kindly took part! 

Market research with children

Five reasons why market research can be great fun for kids

We keep harping on about how much fun paid market research can be for adults; but did you know that market research can be great fun for kids, too? Yes, really! Not only is it really valuable for brands to hear what children and young people think about their products first hand, but kids really […]