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Wedding gifts that won’t break the bank

Summer is fast approaching, which means that wedding season is getting into full swing. Whilst weddings are fabulous occasions, if you’ve been invited to a few this summer, you might start to feel the pinch financially. Travel, accommodation, and a new outfit can soon add up, and the cost of a wedding gift on top of all this can turn a lovely event into a time of stress and expense! Finding quick ways to make money online, such as through paid market research, will help, but there are also some clever ways that you can give the happy couple a gorgeous gift without breaking the bank – read on for our top tips.

Register your interest quickly

Many people put their wedding list online well in advance of their wedding and will include the details of it in the invitation. Rather than leaving it until the week before the big day, check the registry immediately. Getting in there quickly will give you the pick of the smaller and less expensive gifts, which means you can get them something you know they want, but without spending loads of money. If you wrap it beautifully or package it in a beautiful basket, they will be as impressed as if you had bought them something much flashier.

Make it personal

A personal gift will always trump something of monetary value, so, with a little bit of thought, you can give a wedding present that will be treasured forever without clearing your account. Engraving is a fantastic way to make a statement; chopping boards, picture frames, glasses, jugs, cheese boards, and even wooden spoons can be engraved with names and wedding dates to make a keepsake that they will love. Photographs also go down well – make up a picture frame full of special pictures of them and you, and you will have a gift for the bride and groom that is much more meaningful than a toaster.

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It’s all about the experience

The bride and groom will probably be given more things for their home than they need, especially if they have already been living together, so why not give the gift of a lasting memory instead? ‘Experience days’, such as those offered by Red Letter Days or Virgin Experience Days will give the happy couple some shared time together doing something fun, for example, a couples massage or cooking class. It might sound expensive, but you can get some amazingly cheap deals, just check the ‘special offers’ page on the website.

Think old school, vintage, and retro

Shabby chic and upcycling is very on trend right now, so why not look for a vintage piece that will look great in their home? A one of a kind antique, or a piece of furniture that has been stylishly restored or upcycled, doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you’re prepared to put in some time checking out flea markets, farmers markets or car boot sales. You’ll be surprised what you can find if you’re prepared to do a bit of searching around. An original piece will have a lot more sentimental value to the bride and groom than something you’ve obviously picked up from a high street shop; the effort will have lot more meaning than the expense.

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