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5 subscription boxes you need!

Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment, offering curated experiences around everything from fitness wardrobes to make up collections that are delivered directly to your door. There’s a box out there for everyone, whatever your interests, and we’ve made a list of our favourite five. Need some extra cash for your subscription box? Here’s how you can make easy money online!


Birchbox offers five deluxe beauty treats that have been carefully selected by experts, saving you the hassle of trying to search them out for yourself. Each month you’ll receive a box of products, ranging from high street to high-end, and they could be anything from makeup to perfume to skin or hair care. If you like to be a little more selective, you can create a profile so that the products you receive are tailored to your tastes and anything you really like you can buy more of through the site. Prices start from £10, plus if you’re a student you will receive 50% off your first box!

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Graze is one of the best-known subscription boxes out there and is now an impressive 8 years old. Each box offers a healthy alternative when it comes to snacking and there are 100s of different alternatives, including nuts, dried fruit, dips, olives, seeds, flapjacks, cakes, and popcorn. All you need to do is tell them what you love and choose the frequency of your deliveries. The first box is a total bargain as you receive it at half price but it usually £3.99 thereafter.


HelloFresh is another foodie fave that is loved by thousands of people across the country – including cheeky culinary wide boy Jamie Oliver. They choose delicious recipes from around the world and deliver them straight to your door with all the ingredients and instructions needed to create them. The ingredients are pre-measured so you can’t go wrong – perfect if you’re cooking to impress someone special! They make it super simple by offering three options of the Classic Box at £4.90 a meal, the Veggie Box at £4.75 a meal and the Family Box at £4 a meal, and all you have to do is choose how many people the box is for and for how many meals. Plus, you can make easy money online with our market research studies, meaning you’ll always have that extra little bit of cash to spend!

My Geek Box

If you’re a fan of geek culture, and you like surprises, this brilliant box is just the thing. You will receive a range of unique and rare novelty items each month, plus a signature limited edition novelty t-shirt, so it’s fab for your wardrobe too! The boxes range from £8.49 per month to £18.49 per month, so there’s something to suit every budget, and each one comes with free delivery. If you aren’t a super geek yourself, these boxes make a unique and entertaining gift for a loved one.

Bloom and Wild

There’s little more delightful than a beautiful bunch of flowers in your home, but how often do we actually remember to treat ourselves? Bloom and Wild take care of that by delivering fresh, handpicked flowers directly to your door on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The flowers are delivered in a protective netting to make sure they don’t get damaged on their way to your house and each arrangement arrives in bud, which means it will fit through most letterboxes. Plus, each bouquet comes with a handy set of flower care tips and tricks, as well as arrangement instructions, to keep them fresh and blooming for 7 days or more. This box makes a thoughtful and romantic gift, and you can order for next day delivery!

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