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5 new things to expect when you take part in 2023 market research studies

The market research industry is continuously changing. Emerging trends, evolving customer behaviour and values, technological advancements, and environmental factors are all contributing to the changes. More brands are adapting to these changes than ever before.

The changes are especially radical during this post-pandemic era when brands are striving towards adapting to the new normal of remote and hybrid working, diversity and inclusion, and efficiency.

As a result, the market research industry is also adapting to these changes and implementing them during paid market research. Taking part in these projects is the best way to voice your opinions about a brand or product and how it can be improved.

Here are new things to expect when you take part in 2023 market research studies.

1. More inclusivity

In 2023, more brands will aim at diversity and inclusion. Consumers expect brands to be more inclusive to people who have been historically excluded and underrepresented. 

Increasing the sample diversity to represent a wider range of demographics will give companies a greater chance to research their entire target audience.

Increased diversity, accessibility, and inclusion will also give opportunities to people who have been stereotypically portrayed an opportunity to voice their opinions on product development, design, advertising, etc.

When you take part in research studies in 2023, expect more inclusivity in focus groups, online communities, and other research types. Historically marginalized people like people with disabilities, people of colour, and LGBTQ+ individuals will have more opportunities to share their thoughts on how brands can be more inclusive.

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2. More mobile/remote research

As the reachable audience grows wider, market research is becoming more technologically advanced to meet the target audience at their convenience. The need for flexibility and the evolution of the market has prompted researchers to find better ways to reach respondents.

You can now take surveys on your smartphone when commuting, engage in an online community discussion in the comfort of your home, or even take part in a user research interview completely online. This would have seemed far-fetched a few years ago, but it’s a reality today.

In 2023, there will be more mobile and remote market research studies for more convenience and to reach a wider audience. Consequently, you will have the freedom to participate from anywhere without location limitations.

Additionally, for some research, you can take part at your most convenient time and still get to share your perspectives with brands so they can improve their products.

3. A focus on bringing new voices to the research process

Most market research studies focus on millennials, who comprise the largest generation. Baby Boomers are also not completely ignored because of their high spending ability and the second largest generation.

However, in 2023 and the coming years, brands are more likely to focus on bringing new voices to the research process. The focus on Generation Z will increase as they are not only one of the most digital-savvy generations but also make up 40% of global consumers.

For this reason, more participants in this age group will have opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions with brands. Since this is the future generation, involving Generation Z in market research is crucial for brands looking for long-term growth.

And since this generation looks for accessibility, sustainability, and authenticity, we expect to see more brands and projects aiming to understand how to be accessible, sustainable, and authentic. Additionally, due to their short attention spans and exceptional ability to keep up with the changing trends, expect more research studies conducted using hand-held devices.

4. Increased automation and speed in the research process

Technological advancements have enabled research studies to be conducted faster and more efficiently. Surveys that previously took days or weeks to complete can now take hours. Previously, researchers had to find a convenient time for everyone participating in a focus group to meet physically.

Automation has made it possible to collect and process data easily and generate actionable insights. Where it took hours to prepare questionnaires, it now takes minutes and eliminates human errors.

Market research in 2023 will employ more automation, such as engaging participants in real-time online communities. Researchers can then easily feed the data into their strategies.

Additionally, in some types of research, like user experience testing, your actions are recorded and transmitted in real time. Expect more agile, efficient, and faster research studies as technology advances.

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5. More brands are seeking sustainability 

With climatic and environmental issues becoming more prevalent, more brands are engaging in sustainability initiatives and looking to become more sustainable.

66% of consumers consider sustainability when making purchase decisions. As a result, businesses are increasing their commitment towards responsible practices, such as packaging.

Thus, market research projects on how brands can improve sustainability in their business practice are expected to be more prevalent in the coming years. You could be invited to participate in a project to share your thoughts on a brand’s product design or packaging material.

For example, the household cleaning products brand, Clean Living, delivers empty aluminium bottles along with a sachet. All you need to do is add the contents of the sachet and water into the bottle. You can then return the sachet for recycling.

As sustainability initiatives increase, other brands looking to be more sustainable could engage you in research to know how they can make everyday products environment-friendly.

Take part in paid market research studies and make a positive difference

When you participate in market research projects, you help make an amazingly positive difference in the world. By sharing your thoughts, brands can improve their products and services to be more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable.

You can take part by joining a market research program. And the best part is, you’ll get paid for your input!

We’ll be delighted to have you as part of our team at Angelfish Opinions. Regardless of your background or abilities, there’s a place for you. 

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