Couple using trolley shopping in store for food and ingridients as part of consumer and shopper insights research

3 ways taking part in paid market research shapes your everyday essentials

If we were to ask you “what are your favourite everyday essentials?”, we’re positive you’d come up with an answer pretty quickly! 

There are so many fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands and businesses out there that people buy from and use every day.  

Whether you love a particular hair care company because their products are both high quality and cruelty-free, or you’re never short of your local supermarket’s own brand pizzas, we’re all bound to have everyday favourites that we keep coming back to. 

This is because the companies behind those FMCG brands are conducting market research with the people who use those everyday items to gather consumer and shopper insights that they can use to make their products better than ever before. 

But who are these people, you ask? Well, it could be you

Read on to find out more about how you can make a positive impact on the everyday essential products you love most by taking part in paid market research projects… 

3 ways that taking part in paid FMCG market research will shape your everyday essentials. 

1. It gives brands an insight on what they can do to make their everyday essentials better. 

No product is absolutely perfect (except perhaps Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…), and innovative, forward-thinking FMCG companies are always looking for ways to make their everyday goods even better than they already are – which is where you and the consumer and shopper insights you have to offer come in especially handy! 

For example, you might be given the opportunity to take part in a focus group where you get to test out your favourite cosmetic label’s latest make-up line and share your opinions about it – how it looks on you, how it makes you feel, whether it’s comfortable to wear and so on. 

You’ll also have the chance to chat to other members of the focus group about what you look for in a cosmetics brand – for example, quality, affordability and a positive impact on the environment – and answer questions given by a moderator. 

All this will give the company a good idea of what they need to do to make their products even better. As a bonus, you’ll be paid for your time and contributions, too!  

Man at Fruit Counter in Supermarket as part of consumer and shopper insights research

2. It also helps companies to understand what you love about their everyday essentials already! 

Sometimes shaping a product isn’t just about making it better; it’s also about ensuring its best qualities stay the same to retain customer loyalty. 

Think about it: have you ever loved a product, and after buying it for years discovered that something about it that you really liked has changed, but not necessarily for the better? This is something that FMCG brands absolutely want to avoid, and where your opinions are greatly appreciated! 

For example, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, hand washes, sanitisers and soaps are now flying off the shelves, and as a result, the companies that make them are looking for ways they can make them even better and more desirable to consumers.  

However, by taking part in market research, you’ll have the chance to say what it is you love about those hand sanitisation products that you don’t want to change.  

Even if they seem trivial, your ideas will help brands ensure their everyday essentials bring back their regular buyers again and again and retain the best parts about the products you love.  

Woman shopping in a beauty shop as part of consumer and shopper insights research

3. It inspires the design and production of products that may not even exist yet. 

This is where taking part in FMCG market research gets especially exciting!  

As well as wanting to improve and maintain the best parts of their everyday essentials, FMCG brands are consistently looking for new ideas for products that they can develop to keep business moving forward and outrun their competition.  

Market research online communities are one of the most popular research methodologies to make this happen – and they’re a fantastic way for you to get creative with your thoughts and ideas about your favourite everyday essentials! 

For example, you might have a favourite razor that you use regularly, and be invited to take part in an online community, completing tasks such as Q&As, polls, photo snaps with captions, mood boards, or perhaps even designing your own perfect razorblade. 

As with other marker research types, you’ll also get paid for your time and the consumer and shopper insights you provide. Some companies will even offer additional prizes for those who offer the best ideas!  

And who knows – it could be your suggestion of reduced plastic packaging that makes the cut (no pun intended…!) and becomes part of the brand’s latest razor blade design!

Want to make a difference to everyday essentials by sharing your opinions? 

FMCG companies are always on the lookout for individuals to take part in their market research projects, and we’re fortunate enough here at Angelfish Opinions to team up with some truly exciting brands on a regular basis. 

So, if you’d like to share your opinions on your favourite everyday essentials (and get paid for it!), be sure to sign up to our participant panel, or take a look at the projects we’re currently recruiting for. We’d love to have you onboard!