Sustainable Fashion

5 ways to find out if a fashion brand is sustainable (and what to do if it isn’t)

Most brands are quick to advertise their sustainability credentials. However, as a consumer, how can you tell if a company is truly sustainable? And why does it matter? Sustainability is about how companies embed environmental and social concerns throughout their operations. For fashion brands, this is related to how and where they source their materials, […]

spending time with kids

11 ways to win back more time to spend with your kids

In the world of social media comparison, hashtags like #parentguilt have become prevalent as we share the aftermath of the lockdown and try to get our lives back to normal. But as we juggle everything from our busy schedules to mealtimes, we are all under increasing pressure to fit everything in with our children. So, […]

focus groups

What do access and inclusion focus groups do and how can you get involved?

In today’s world, there’s simply no excuse for not being accessible. However, sadly, about 33% of people with physical and mental health conditions or impairments feel that there is a lot of disability prejudice and that they are excluded from society – but thankfully, market research is here to change that! An increased focus on […]