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Dreaming of a Green Christmas: How to Make the Holidays More Eco-Friendly

The holiday season is a time for celebration, joy and gift giving, though, it’s also a season that tends to produce a significant amount of waste. The UK will generate 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste, enough to fill 5,000 lorries, and some households will produce 30% more garbage at home during the holiday season. […]

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5 Key Things to Know About Applying for Paid Online Market Research

Have you ever thought about taking part in online market research, but don’t know where to start? With a multitude of online market research opportunities available, it can sometimes be challenging to identify trustworthy companies, create a stand-out profile, and take part in research that aligns with your passions. In this blog, we’ll discuss all […]

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Meet the team: Five minutes with Brianna

We’re thrilled to introduce Brianna, one of our incredible Project Administrators here at Angelfish Opinions. We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing team behind us, and we love highlighting them so you can get to know them better. Fancy meeting some more of our wonderful team? We’ve chatted to Marketing & Community Executive […]

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4 unmissable tips for balancing life and parenting

Balancing life and parenting is no small feat. As a parent, you’re constantly juggling different priorities: from family life and spending time with your kids to focusing on self-care, to also pursuing your personal goals and ambitions. Sometimes it can feel like finding the right balance is a challenge, but we have some top tips […]


Meet the team: Five minutes with Ben Plumb

People come first here at Angelfish Opinions, so we’re putting some of our amazing team in the spotlight so you can get to know them better! You might have met our Marketing & Community Executive Laura in the past, so here’s Ben, one of our Project Executives! Hi Ben! First off, why did you decide […]

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4 ways market research has become more inclusive in the last decade

In today’s world, there is simply no room for market research that isn’t inclusive and accessible. Market research plays a pivotal role in our understanding of consumer behaviour, identifying what consumers want, and making informed decisions based on their feedback. Over the past decade, market research has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming more inclusive and […]

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Meet the team: Five minutes with Laura

People come first here at Angelfish Opinions, so we’re putting some of our amazing team in the spotlight so you can get to know them better! You might have met our Director of Operations Kelly, or Client Services Executive Harry in the past, so here’s the wonderful Laura, our Marketing & Community Executive! Hi Laura! […]

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Meet the team: Five minutes with Harry

Say hello to Harry! There’s nothing more important to us than the relationships we build with both our clients and our participants. In fact, here at Angelfish, we’re proud to put people and relationships right at the heart of everything we do – so we thought it might be nice for you to get to […]

Sustainable Fashion

5 ways to find out if a fashion brand is sustainable (and what to do if it isn’t)

Most brands are quick to advertise their sustainability credentials. However, as a consumer, how can you tell if a company is truly sustainable? And why does it matter? Sustainability is about how companies embed environmental and social concerns throughout their operations. For fashion brands, this is related to how and where they source their materials, […]

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11 ways to win back more time to spend with your kids

In the world of social media comparison, hashtags like #parentguilt have become prevalent as we share the aftermath of the lockdown and try to get our lives back to normal. But as we juggle everything from our busy schedules to mealtimes, we are all under increasing pressure to fit everything in with our children. So, […]