A young woman spending an online voucher at home after taking part in a focus group representing the answer to how much do focus groups pay and other focus group questions.

“How much do focus groups pay?” and other popular focus group questions

“How much do focus groups pay?” is one of the most common questions we’re asked about focus groups at Angelfish! The short answer is: It depends on several factors, including how long the focus group takes, the nature of the project, and (if it’s face-to-face) how far you need to travel to take part. We’ve […]

A student selling shoes online to earn money. A student on a laptop taking part in market research to get paid to share their opinion.

5 cash boost quick wins for students

Read this blog to discover five awesome money-making ideas for students, including how you can get paid to share your opinions as part of paid market research! With the cost of living, fuel and travel prices hiking upwards, being able to save money as a student is tougher than ever. According to the Student Money […]