A diverse group of individuals holding a globe representing how taking part in opinions market research can help make the world a better place.

6 ways your opinions can change the world for the better

There are so many ways, big and small, that you can make the world a better place! From raising money for your favourite charities to recycling whenever you can, buying second hand instead of buying new and simply making someone smile or laugh, the resulting impact that you can have on where you live, those […]

A group of disabled people in a group embrace representing accessibility in research.

How you can give accessibility a voice through market research 

People with accessibility needs want, quite rightly, to be heard. Movements such as No voice unheard, no right ignored and organisations like The Inclusivity Project alone demonstrate the importance of people with accessibility needs having their thoughts and opinions sent out into the world. One of the best ways that those with accessibility needs – […]