a group of market researchers looking at a board on a wall in an office representing taking part in research studies in 2023

5 new things to expect when you take part in 2023 market research studies

The market research industry is continuously changing. Emerging trends, evolving customer behaviour and values, technological advancements, and environmental factors are all contributing to the changes. More brands are adapting to these changes than ever before. The changes are especially radical during this post-pandemic era when brands are striving towards adapting to the new normal of […]

A family staying in together and reading a book by the Christmas tree after following Angelfish Opinions festive money saving ideas.

Six super money-saving ideas for the 2022 festive season

 Originally posted on 11th December 2019 We’ve probably said it a hundred times, but we love Christmas here at Angelfish! From choosing our favourite Christmas ads all the way to sharing boredom-busting Christmas days out for kids, it’s fair to say that we’re getting pretty excited for the festive season – albeit a little early! […]

A group of friends Black Friday shopping after following Angelfish Opionions advice on the best ways to make money from home.

Black Friday: How and where to get your money’s worth in 2022!

Originally posted on 3rd November 2017 Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and the perfect opportunity to grab some bargains in the run-up to Christmas. In 2021, Brits spent a whopping £9.42 billion over the course of the Black Friday weekend (compared to £5.8 billion in 2017).  This year’s Black Friday falls on […]

a parent and children taking part in market research with children

Your top questions about market research with children answered!

This guide will answer all your questions about market research with children, the safety of your information and that of your child, and how you can participate. Children can be very opinionated and insightful. Unlike adults, they rarely censor their opinions, a much-needed trait, especially when conducting paid market research. Children’s wants and needs drive […]

group of people taking part in paid research participation

How getting paid for research participation actually works

Getting paid to share your opinion is a great way to make money on the side. All you need to do is share your thoughts on everyday products, services, and companies. Businesses continuously seek to know what you think about their products and services. You get the chance to make a remarkable positive difference in […]

A birds eye view of a woman looking at her sports watch representing sports marketing research

Love sports and want to earn a bit of extra money? Market research is the answer!

At the time of writing, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner! If you’re a sporting fan (and anything like our team and the members of the Angelfish Community), we imagine you’ll probably already know the names of your chosen squad off by heart and be making plans with friends and family […]

A group of friends looking at paid market research opportunities for people with disabilities on their phone. 1

6 ways disabled people can take part in paid market research

As the world strives to become more inclusive, paid market research opportunities for people with disabilities are on the rise!  As we shared in our blog “How you can give accessibility a voice through market research,” people with accessibility needs and impairments can take part in market research that: 1. explores the products and services […]

A young woman spending an online voucher at home after taking part in a focus group representing the answer to how much do focus groups pay and other focus group questions.

“How much do focus groups pay?” and other popular focus group questions

“How much do focus groups pay?” is one of the most common questions we’re asked about focus groups at Angelfish! The short answer is: It depends on several factors, including how long the focus group takes, the nature of the project, and (if it’s face-to-face) how far you need to travel to take part. We’ve […]

A student selling shoes online to earn money. A student on a laptop taking part in market research to get paid to share their opinion.

5 cash boost quick wins for students

Read this blog to discover five awesome money-making ideas for students, including how you can get paid to share your opinions as part of paid market research! With the cost of living, fuel and travel prices hiking upwards, being able to save money as a student is tougher than ever. According to the Student Money […]

A diverse group of people stood against a wall taking part in market research for young adults on their mobile phones.

The 3 big reasons market researchers need the opinions of young adults

As a young adult in these tumultuous times, it can understandably be hard to feel heard above all the noise. There’s good news, though – because did you know that some of the world’s top brands want to listen to and act upon the wants and needs of young adults through market research of their […]