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Meet the team: Five minutes with Belle

It’s been a while since our last ‘Five minutes with’ blog, so we thought now was the perfect time to introduce you to our newest Angelfish Opinions team member, the lovely Belle! As you already know, at Angelfish, the people in our team and the relationships we build with our clients and participants are super important to us. Due to the nature of our work, we already know so much about you – so we thought it only fair that you get to know us a bit better, too! So, without further ado, read on to meet our Project Executive Belle, discover what she loves about her job and find out how you could get paid to do market research… 

1. Why did you decide to pursue a career in market research?

When I first decided to change careers, I had absolutely no understanding of what a job in market research would entail – and when I approached a recruitment agency for advice, they matched the things I loved with the aspects of working in market research. However, I have to say my main reason for choosing market research as a career was because of Angelfish as a company. I wanted to work for a business that truly valued people, their thoughts and their opinions – and that’s what is at the heart of what Angelfish do! I’m constantly amazed that I have managed to really land on my feet working for such a lovely bunch; taking a risk and moving into a new industry has allowed me to find my real passion.

2. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Without a doubt, my favourite part is speaking to our respondents – they constantly bring a smile to my face. In fact, a lot of the validation calls feel more like catchups with old friends and make my days go by very quickly! Unusually, the pressure of working to a deadline and having a busy workload is also something I enjoy, too. I’ve always worked well under pressure – and despite having only worked for Angelfish for six months, the endless support of the team in stressful situations has been incredible and means that even on the busiest days I’m still smiling! 

3. Tell us about an interesting project you’ve recently worked on and why you enjoyed it

We recently took on a project combining the topics of snacking and gaming on behalf of a well-known confectionery company focusing mainly on younger people between 16-25 years old. Our main objective was to find well-engaged and committed individuals, as the study required a lot of dedication over the course of two weeks. We were quickly reassured we had found the right respondents for the study during validation as the conversations were so interesting. The passion in their voices when describing their favourite game and the inspiration when asked to come up with a concept for a new gaming experience made it clear we had really found the best people for this study which was such a good feeling! Plus, it wasn’t just me that felt this way – the client was super happy and impressed with the quality of the respondents so all that hard work paid off!

4. What about a challenge you’ve recently faced and how you solved it?

One that stands out for me is a project we undertook during lockdown about drinking behaviours. This study included multiple phases and a representation of as many groups as we could find. One of these phases was initially postponed as it required us to ask our respondents to invite a few friends to their homes – which of course proved a little more difficult due to lockdown guidance! When we finally launched this phase of the project once restrictions had been lifted, a lot of respondents who were initially keen were understandably uncomfortable taking part due to the uncertainty of the situation, which led to a few deciding against taking part on the day. The race was on to find replacements, and we quickly launched social media and other recruitment campaigns and liaised with the client to extend the time frame. All’s well that ends well, though – and after speaking to as many people as possible, our client was really happy with the end results and I will always think of this as a great example of the team pulling together in unprecedented times!  

5. And finally, what are your professional goals for the next year?

My main goal is to learn as much as I possibly can about this industry – and there is still a lot to learn! I also aspire to create strong relationships with both our clients and our respondents and hopefully work towards a position as Project Manager, too. 

Quickfire round

Tea or coffee? Coffee – I wouldn’t make it through the day without it! 

Winter or summer? Winter; there is nothing better than Christmas food! 

Cat person or dog person? Dog 

Heels or flats? Flats 

Favourite film? About Time – it makes me cry every time! 

Favourite song? Everyday People – Sly & The Family Stone  

Who inspires you and why? My Nan because she is the most resilient person I know. She has not had an easy life and she’s definitely had more than her fair share of setbacks, but her ability to smile in any situation, her strength and her constant devotion to her family are an endless inspiration to me! 

Thanks, Belle! We hope you enjoyed getting to know Belle a bit better – and if you want to find out more about all things Angelfish, why not sign up to take part in market research with us? Not only is market research fun, but you also get paid to do market research, too! So if you want to earn a few extra pennies whilst letting big brands know what you think about their products and services, look no further!

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being paid for market research

4 mind-blowing ways your opinion can really impact a brand

We’ve all got opinions

From your favourite cereal to your preferred washing up liquid, the number of products and services we have our own thoughts and feelings about are endless – but we often don’t realise just how important those opinions are, especially to brands.  

Whether they’re selling loo cleaner or luxury cars, brands want to make their products as appealing as possible to customers – and as a result, consumers’ wants, needs and opinions are more important than ever before.  

That’s where paid market research comes in. From focus groups to online communities, there are loads of ways that people are getting involved in and being paid for market research. By doing so, you can have a real impact on what brands do and why.

Here are four important ways your opinion can impact a brand…

1. Help them to launch a new product or service

Before they launch a new product, companies will always have identified a gap in the market and have an idea of what their customers need.  

They will then use market research to prove or disprove these ideas as well as find out any suggestions you have on how they could improve their product so they can be sure they are only bringing the best possible products to market. 

Being paid for market research as a participant is an important part of this process too, as it encourages them to really think about the products and services they’re exploring.  

So, when you think about it, your opinion is the only way brands can guarantee they are creating a product or service that their consumers actually want to buy – which makes it pretty important!

2. Help them to improve an existing product or service 

Just as with launching new products, your feedback gives brands a chance to review, amend and tweak existing products to check they still solve a customer problem or fulfil a need.  

This means they can be confident that they are always offering the very best products, and that they can continue to improve on products in the future, too. As a customer, your needs and expectations change over time.  

A great example of this is that, as consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, businesses are seeking out their opinions on how they could be making their products and services less wasteful and more environmentally friendly. 

And would you have thought even ten years ago that you would want a watch that could monitor your fitness levels, for example? Nope, we didn’t think so – but keeping up with your changing wants and needs is exactly what gives brands their competitive edge. 

being paid for market research

3. Help them to create a better customer experience

Offering an amazing customer experience is how brands stand out from the crowd and keep you coming back for more. In fact, today’s marketing is all about people’s experiences with brands – but they can’t perfect their customer experience without you!  

From customer service to how easy it is to use their website, it all counts. By being paid for market research and telling brands exactly what you want from your customer experience, you can help them to improve theirs – which means better brand experiences and happier customers, too. Win-win!

4. Help them to make better business decisions

By conducting paid market research, brands can collect data from their customers to make decisions. Customer feedback is by far the most reliable source for this type of data – and brands can then use this info to make better-informed business decisions.  

From what colour their logo should be and how much they should sell a product for to what products they should even sell in the first place – your opinion is what decides it all!

being paid for market research

Sound good? Here’s how you can take part in paid market research: 

There are a number of different ways you can get involved in paid market researchPaid focus groups consist of a group of 6-10 people taking part in a discussion monitored by a moderator – and they’re great fun.  

Alternatively, there are online communities where a small group of people take part in a discussion or complete tasks via a private secure platform – so it’s a great option for busy mums as you can take part whenever and wherever you like!  

There’re also in-home interviews where a researcher comes to your house to interview you on a one-to-one basis. 

 If you would like to have your say and influence everything from products and prices to logo design and customer experience and like the idea of being paid for market research, then this could be a great option for you! 

Make a start today by looking at the opportunities we currently have available here at Angelfish or by clicking the sign-up button below:

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