Christmas days out for kids

Six super money-saving ideas for the festive season

We’ve probably said it a hundred times, but we love Christmas here at Angelfish! From choosing our favourite Christmas ads all the way to sharing boredom-busting Christmas days out for kids, it’s fair to say that we’re getting pretty excited for the festive season – albeit a little early! There’s just one small downside: Christmas can get expensive – and fast! As we mentioned in our recent blog on taking care of your mental health during the festive season, however, it doesn’t have to. In fact, we’ve found six great money-saving ideas that you can use this year to keep your bank account healthy, and everybody happy!

1.   Stay in

There’s usually a lot of going out to be had around Christmas time – parties, nights on the town, pantomime trips, to name just a few scenarios! But why go out and spend money when you can enjoy staying in? Invite all your friends and/or family around for a Christmas movie marathon, have a mince pie baking session, curl up with a good winter novel and a hot chocolate. It’ll help preserve your energy for the big day, too!

2.   But if you have to go out…

There are ways to keep it cheap. Christmas markets, for example, are a wonderful way to soak up the Christmas atmosphere without spending anything – just take a flask of coffee or hot chocolate with you so you’re not tempted by the vendors!

3.   Don’t go nuts on the food

Next to presents (more on that below), food is probably one of the most expensive aspects of Christmas. People will often fork out to get the “best food” the most expensive supermarkets can offer because – well, it’s Christmas! But blind taste tests have revealed that, in a lot of cases, the cheaper brands are the ones that win out for the best Christmas culinary experience – definitely a  great money-saving idea to invest in!

great money saving ideas

4.   Presence over presents

When it comes to presents and gift-giving, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who’d agree that quality is far superior to quantity. Buying presents for the sake of it is never worth the stress or the money – especially when so many of them just end up going to charity shops! So when choosing something for a loved one, make sure it’s something they need or want (yes, even if it really is just socks!), and that you’ve put more thought that money into it. What’s more, people are much more likely to want you to be there at Christmas than to receive gifts from you but not see you! In sum, presence is greater than presents.

5.   Get your Christmas craft on

One great money-saving idea – in fact, even a way you could make some money and spend more time with friends and family – is to get crafty and creative! Christmas time brings a lot of local fetes and markets along with it; so why not make some Christmas cards or baked goods with help from loved ones and see how much you can sell?

6.   Take part in paid market research

Another wonderful way you can save money – as well as make money – is by taking part in paid market research. We have lots of exiting projects going on here at Angelfish that’ll keep you occupied during the festive season and pop some money in the Christmas fund. If you’d like to know more, check out our current projects here, or register to join our panel of people looking to voice their opinions on their favourite products and services via the button below!

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creative ways to make money

4 creative ways to make money and save your wallet this Christmas

Like it or not, Christmas is coming in all its tinsel-clad, fairly-lit, carol-singing glory. With just weeks to go until the big day, the festive spirit is everywhere—but as jolly as it is, we know that Christmas isn’t for everyone (the expense, in particular).

If you’re reading this and nodding your head, never fear – because we’re here to offer you a festive lifeline. Rather than clearing out your bank account this Christmas, there are a host of creative ways to make money during the festive season—and we’re going to tell you about the best ones.

According to The Bank of England, the average UK household spends over £3,300 on the leadup to Christmas. But not you.

To help you reduce the cost of Christmas this year and take away the festive financial pinch, here are four creative ways to make money this holiday season.

1. Become a consumer critic

Did you know that one of the most creative ways to make money at your convenience is reviewing stuff online?

There are a selection of websites that will pay you for your opinions, often verbally (no writing required!)—over the phone or in person.

Did you know? Here at Angelfish Opinions, you can make money by signing up for focus groups or market research studies. We pay in cash and gift cards, so either way you’ll be in for a festive WinFall.

2. Take part in an identity parade

When we say identity parade, we do mean those police lineups designed to catch criminals. If you’re not particularly enamoured with the Christmas period, taking part in an identify parade is about as anti-festive as it gets. What’s more, it makes for an interesting story, and, it pays a little, too.

The police still use video parades to catch baddies, and they typically pay around £10 to £20. Simply sign up or register your interest with your local constabulary, stand in line, and make a little extra cash.

creative ways to make money


3.  Be a mystery shopper

Next on our list of creative ways to make money list: take part in a little mystery shopping.

While mystery shopping won’t make your rich beyond your wildest dreams, it’s an excellent way of generating some extra cash at Christmas. Plus, you can shop without the burden of parting with endless piles of money. Oh, and occassionally, you get to keep the items you’ve shopped for, so you can give them as gifts. A real win-win.

This guide on how to become a mystery shopper will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

4. Sell your unwanted items

You know what they say: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. We’re not saying that your unwanted items are trash as such, but at Christmas, there will be droves of shoppers looking for a bargain.

In our hyper-connected digital age, there are more platforms, apps, and touchpoints than ever for selling your stuff either on the go or from the comfort of your own home—so do it!

If you’re gadget-mad or a techy type especially, selling your old electronics will give you the capital you need to invest in the latest innovations, inventions, and gizmos on the market. Happy Christmas to you.

We hope these four creative ways to make money have inspired you to get out there and save your wallet some serious damage over the festive season. You may not love this time of year, but wherever you are or whatever you do, we hope you have a warm, happy time this Christmas.

Looking for a little inspiration for Christmas and the New Year? Explore our top 15 podcasts, as recommended by the Angelfish team.

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Jade Butler 1

Meet the team: five minutes with Jade

At Angelfish Opinions, there’s nothing more important to us than the relationships we build with our participants. As a market research agency, we already know so much about you – so we thought it might be nice for you to have the chance to get to know us a bit better, too. In the last instalment of our ‘Five Minutes With’ series of blogs, we introduced you to our lovely Senior Project Manager, Kelly – and this month, we’ve roped our fab Project Manager Jade in to answer a few questions. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out a bit more about Jade!

Meet Jade

Why did you decide to pursue a career in market research?

I wasn’t previously aware of what market research was, so you could say that my career in market research chose me! After I graduated from university in 2014, I started out in commercial recruitment and sales. During this time, I learnt a great deal about account management and the importance of working to specific briefs and deadlines – and I absolutely loved building relationships with my clients and candidates. When the opportunity to work at Angelfish came up, not only did I fall for the company, but I realised that a lot of the experience and skills I had developed were highly transferable to a market research recruitment agency – and I haven’t looked back since!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

It would have to be the sense of achievement that comes with delivering a tricky or complicated project. Although the pressure can be intense at the time and working to tight deadlines can be a challenge, we really come together as a team and utilise each other’s strengths to ultimately get the job done. Everyone in the Angelfish market research team pulls their weight; no task is too small for anyone – and we always seem to make each other laugh along the way which creates a brilliant office environment!

Tell us about an interesting project you’ve recently worked on and why you enjoyed it

We recently worked directly with a well-known arts and crafts retailer who was looking to explore the consumers of their bridal and wedding products. The brief was to recruit people either currently engaged and planning a wedding or those who had recently got married and had planned a wedding for two focus groups in Bristol. Because the target customer was so niche, as well as recruiting from our panel, we had the chance to come up with some super creative and highly targeted social media and referral campaigns. The campaigns had a really positive response and enabled us to recruit some absolutely fantastic respondents. On the day, the groups went really well and the client gained really valuable insight – so everyone was happy with the outcome! 

What about a challenge you’ve recently faced and how you solved it?                                                                  
One of our lovely clients recently came to us with an interesting methodology involving a six-week online diary to collaborate ideas with a food brand. In addition to lots of challenging criteria, they also specifically wanted London respondents who were food blogging through either a blog or Instagram. Our usual recruitment methods weren’t attracting the right people, so we took a slightly different approach and decided to target people through Instagram based on their content. This brought in tons of interest, and also ensured we achieved the full sample with some truly great participants! The study ended with really high engagement too, which was fantastic.

What are your professional goals for the next year?

In the next year, I want to continue developing and learning within my role in the Angelfish market research team as a Project Manager, build on my client relationships, and also ensure I’m keeping up to date with industry-wide market research news and trends.

And how about the next market research industry trend?

I’d have to say that the current trend in market research for all things Millenial and Generation Z related isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! In fact, we’ve recently had a huge leap in our clients and brands solely focusing their research around younger audiences. From a recruitment point of view, this has been really interesting and has allowed us to get creative about how to access this age range and get them engaged them with market research. We’ve already learnt a lot, and our social media knowledge has really paid off when creating targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns. I’m really excited to do more of this in the future! 

Market research agency

Quickfire round

Tea or coffee?  Coffee

Winter or summer? Winter – I absolutely love Christmas!

Cat person or dog person? Dog 

Heels or flats? I would have to say flats, I live in my trainers!

Favourite film? 10 Things I Hate About You is an absolute classic

Favourite song?  Madness ‘It Must Be Love’ – such a feel-good song!

Who inspires you and why? As cheesy as it sounds, I would have to say, my Dad. After having a tough upbringing, from a young age he has really focused on turning his life around for the better. He left school with no qualifications, went to university in his 30s and has since had a very successful career. He is now the Head of Digital Products and Mobile for a well-known company, and is a true example of resilience and not letting your background define you! 

Thanks, Jade! Stay tuned for the next instalment where we’ll spend five minutes with our Angelfish market research Project Executive Molly. Until then, why not take a look at our current paid market research projects and see if there’s anything you’d like to get involved in or sign up to be on our panel below? From Accompanied Shops to Focus Groups, Online Communities to in-home interviews and more, there’s something for everyone – and some great incentives for taking part, too!