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Meet the team: five minutes with Kelly

At Angelfish Opinions, one of the things we pride ourselves on most is the people in our team and the relationships we build with our participants – we believe it’s something that really sets us apart as a market research agency with a difference! As we know so much about you, we thought it was only fair that you have the chance to get to know us a bit better too – so please allow us to introduce our “Five minutes with” series of blogs. Each time, we’ll grab (you guessed it!) five minutes with a member of the Angelfish Opinions team and ask them a few questions so you can find out a bit more about what makes our wonderful team tick. So first up, let’s kick things off with our Head of Consumer Research, Kelly Barnard…

Why did you decide to pursue a career in market research?

I studied Social Sciences (BSc) at Cardiff University and have always had a fascination with psychology and understanding people. I originally wanted to pursue a career in the Probation Service as I had a real interest in criminology, however, after deciding against this I happened to come across a role within market research recruitment and I’ve never looked back! After starting out with Gillian Kenny Associates who specialise in healthcare market research, I learnt a great deal about the importance of quality and accuracy within recruitment by working to very specific briefs for large pharma clients. When Angelfish Fieldwork and Angelfish Opinions was created a few years later, I jumped at the opportunity to lead project delivery and found that working in market research is definitely where my heart lies!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

As cliche as this might sound, for me, it really is the people! Whether it’s interesting respondents who brighten your day just by speaking to them or being able to have a good chat and a joke with our lovely clients, the people are the thing that makes this job so special. I’m also really lucky to be surrounded by a like-minded and equally enthusiastic team. We always joke in the office that it’s like some kind of vortex and we don’t know where the time goes each day – obviously because we are having so much fun!

Tell us about an interesting project you’ve recently worked on and why you enjoyed it

We’ve been running a client list project recently for a large retailer who is looking for a small number of respondents to be the face of their AV/computing campaigns for their website/social. This required a complex, multi-stage recruitment process as we needed really specific respondents who were very confident and relaxed on camera that would represent the different categories well. Part of the recruitment process was managing and reviewing video applications of the respondents chatting and giving a room tour in their home; the response was incredible and I must admit I teared up a few times watching the videos as I felt so privileged to be watching this insight into their lives and how amazing it was that they were so happy to share it with us! 

What about a challenge you’ve recently faced and how you solved it?

Recently, a lovely client of ours came to us with a challenge concerning a charity Market Research Onlne Community (MROC) we were recruiting for. They were incredibly busy with a number of different staff on holidays, so they needed extra help moderating and reviewing the content on the MROC to ensure the respondents were correctly answering all the tasks. We came up with the solution that Angelfish would take on increased responsibility for engagement management; this involved reviewing all respondent posts daily and being able to probe where necessary to ensure all the questions were answered adequately. For this to be feasible, we worked with our client to ensure the team fully understood both the objective of the study and each task. The result was 95% engagement out of a sample of N=60 over 17 days which was absolutely fantastic!

What are your professional goals for the next year?

To continue to develop and grow the team, to attend more industry events and keep my finger on the pulse with the latest news in working in market research by watching more webinars and reading more blogs and industry magazines such as Impact and In Brief.

And how about the next market research industry trend?

There’s been a lot of debate in the last year about AI, the threat to the qualitative industry and whether the advance of AI makes the human contribution redundant – a scary prospect that ‘quallies’ everywhere have obviously been fighting against! I hope to see a new trend emerge whereby instead of pitting them against each other we can focus on how the two can complement one another as I’m a true believer that human interpretation and relationships cannot be replaced – especially when it comes to working in market research!

Quickfire round

Tea or coffee?  Coffee

Winter or summer? Summer

Cat person or dog person? Both, but as I have a cat I’ll go with that!

Heels or flats? Flats for sure! Although years of sensible dead flat shoes have now given me collapsed arches and swollen ankles – how unfair!

Favourite film? Oh lord, probably Disney’s Cinderella – the opening music alone makes me cry and wish I was five years old again! 

Favourite song?  ‘Africa’ by Toto – an absolute tune that never gets old!

Who inspires you and why?  That’s a really hard question because different people inspire me in different ways every day! If I had to pick someone who has shaped me and I continue to aspire to in life, though, it would be my late Godmother. After suddenly being widowed at age 48, she devoted the rest of her life to helping others through voluntary work and chairing numerous clubs and committees. The ultimate testament to creating positives out of a pretty life-changing negative! 

Thanks, Kelly! Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we introduce all of our team – next up we’ll spend five minutes with our Project Manager Jade. 

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Christmas AFO

8 tech gifts every man needs on his Christmas list

Tech is truly taking over the world – and, subsequently, our Christmas stockings! If you or someone you know is a gadget-lover but you don’t quite know what you’re after this year, we’ve picked out some really cool gadgets for Christmas that we’ve had our own eyes on to help you narrow down your search. Plus, at Angelfish we are always on the lookout for people to test new products and get paid, so read on and sign up if you fancy getting your hands on new tech.

This fabulous smart flask is perfect for those who don’t quite have enough time to make and drink their first brew of the day before dashing off to the office. With the ability to keep your drink the exact temperature you like (anywhere between 50°C and 62.5°C), and the ability to control the temperature, customise presets, receive notifications and more with your phone, the days of lukewarm brews are behind us. They also have a mug version, so you can keep your beverage of choice nice and warm at your desk throughout the day, too – so you’ll never have to waste another cup or resort to reheating your drink in the microwave again!

1. Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

test new products from home

(Price: £134.95)

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2. Heated Razor Starter Kit by GilletteLabs

Gillette’s nifty new razor promises “the pleasure of a hot towel shave in every stroke,” activating and delivering instant warmth in less than a second at the push of a button! It boasts 5 of Gillette’s best blades, a waterproof design, adjustable heat, wireless magnetic charging, and more. What better gadget could a chap ask for?

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(Price: £175.00)

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3. Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

For those of you who love to fully immerse in their games, TOculus’ very first VR Gaming Headset is set to take it to the next level! It currently stands out from other VR headsets with an easy, all-in-one set up (no PC or wires required), positional audio built directly into the headset, and the ability to play wherever you are – standing or sitting, in a big space or small, there really are no limits with this cool gadget – definitely one for Christmas fun! Oculus Touch controllers take the experience even further by allowing you to transport your hands and gestures directly into your game.

the latest tech for christmas

(Price: 64GB £399, 128GB, £499)

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4. 55″/65″/77″ 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

Smart TVs really don’t get much smarter than this! Not only are LG TVs the first to integrate both the Google Assistant and Alexa so you can ask questions while watching TV and see the answers on the screen and control other smart devices around your home, but it also offers stunning picture and a sleek design that’ll look amazing anywhere in your home. You could
test new products and get paid as part of our panel – keep reading to find out how.

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(Price: Starting at approx. £1,200)

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5. Master & Dynamic MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

If you’re someone who cannot live without your daily dose of music, then Master & Dynamic’s “most technically sophisticated headphones” are definitely worth a look (…well, listen!). Not only are they lightweight and made with fine leathers for maximum over-ear comfort, their noise-cancelling technology means you’ll get clear, expansive sound in any environment. What’s more, their in-built microphones filter out all external noise so you can receive crisp and clear phone calls. Overall, the perfect accompaniment (see what we did there?) to your daily commute!

image 3

(Price: £449.00)

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6. Kindle Paperwhite

As an avid reader, there’s nothing worse than trying to read a book while relaxing by the pool or in the bath and dropping said book in the water. With the new Kindle Paperwhite’s IPX8 waterproofing, however, those days are long gone! Amazon’s latest, thinnest and lightest eBook reader comes in both black and twilight blue, can hold up to 32GB in storage, a battery that lasts for weeks with a single charge, and a built-in adjustable light that lets you read indoors and outdoors, day and night. The perfect gift for reading enthusiasts!

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(Price: £129.99)

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7. Nordstrom’s Ring Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Move over, smartwatches and FitBits – Nordstrom’s Ring is here and ready to track the sleep, heart rate and activity of the greatest fitness gurus 24/7—without them sacrificing style. Waterproof up to 165 feet, compatible with most mobile devices and storing three days battery life after just a 90-minute charge, fitness has never been so fashionable. And all this at the weight of less than a 1p coin – you won’t find a cooler gadget for Christmas than this!

image 5

(Price: £164.16)

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8. (Quite possibly the Angelfish favourite!) Whistle Go Health & Location Tracker for Pets

“The best pet tracker just got smarter” for 2019 – Whistle’s smart little device is ready to track your furry bestie’s health and location! So for those of you who have that frequent anxiety about where your cat or dog may have disappeared off to, fret no more. Even better, it boasts an up-to-20-Day battery life, IPX8 waterproofing, and a 3-mode built-in night light so you can spot them easily in the dark. An absolute must for man and his best friend this Christmas! 

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(Price: £94.57)

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We’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty to try as part of our paid market research opportunities!

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New Year

How to take care of your mental health this season

It is, unquestionably, that time of year again. As soon as the pumpkins and cobwebs are removed from shop windows, they’re almost instantly replaced with baubles and tinsel. Christmas really isn’t that far away, and needless to say, the team here at Angelfish are super-excited for the festive season, and getting people who need extra money for their Christmas shopping on board with our variety of paid market research opportunities!

However, we know that there are those who find this time of year particularly hard, and for a great many reasons. For a start, the evenings are getting darker quicker, and the weather is increasingly drizzly and cold. This is unpleasant at the best of times, but for those with conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, late autumn and winter can be a real downer. In fact, whether you have a diagnosed mental health condition or not, this time of year can put a lot of strain on a lot of people’s wellbeing; so we’ve put our heads together and come up with some ways you can look after your mental health this season!

Eat, drink, and be… well!

A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and there’s a lot you can do to stay on top this autumn/winter!

As a result of the cold, we all tend to eat quite a lot more this time of year – and we know all too well the kinds of indulgent treats we can find ourselves digging into during the festive season! So make sure you balance out the chocolates, cheeses and Christmas puds with some wholesome and hearty meals. All those vegetables will be a great boost for your immune system, too! And while you’re out shopping, bring along any in-date food that you don’t want to eat for the food bank; knowing that you’re making a contribution to those who might be less fortunate than you is a sure-fire way to lift your spirits, as well as somebody else’s!

The festivities also bring a lot of opportunities for celebratory drinks, whether with friends, family, or at your work’s Christmas party. Annoyingly, alcohol has actually been found to increase anxiety and stress rather than reduce them. Alcohol is also not great on the immune system, so make sure you stay well within your units to keep your mind happy and your body healthy. We have a fab blog on mocktails here to help you get through!

need extra money

Get plenty of exercise

Exercise has been found to have amazing positive effects on people’s moods, so ensure you take the time to brave the cold and go to the gym whenever you can. If you need the extra money though, go for a quick jog or take a leisurely winter stroll instead – it’s free, and just as good for you! Just make sure you wear a high-vis jacket and take a torch if it’s dark.

Catch all the ZZZs

We all love a good party or night out, and they’re certainly in abundance at this time of year! The downside, however, is that you might not get home until late at night and miss out on sleep which – surprise surprise – is super-important for positive mental wellbeing! So perhaps trade in a party or two with a quieter daytime catch-up with friends and colleagues.

Relax and do the things you love

Research has found over and over again that people who engage in their hobbies and get creative have better or improved mental health, so when you have some time for yourself, fill it with doing the things you love! And if you don’t have a hobby? Find one! There are usually plenty of group activities, such as crafting, walking, book clubs and more that you can take part in. It’s a great way to meet new people too – and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Alternatively, if you prefer your own company, there are lots of things you can do by yourself.

need extra money

Stay in touch with people

For many, this time of year is especially tough as they might not have family members to spend it with. Loneliness can have a hugely negative impact on people’s mental health; however, there are lots of different ways you can keep in contact with people over the season; for example, finding group hobbies as we talked about above, or arranging meet-ups. Perhaps you could even organise some nice things to do at lunchtime with your colleagues!

And never be afraid to reach out to people when you’re in need. You never know, someone else may be in the same boat as you!

Don’t feel the need to spend a fortune – and find ways to make extra money!

There’s an enormous amount of pressure on people to spend as much money as possible this time of year. Money worries can have a significant impact on your mental wellbeing – but you really don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time! The ideas of things to do we mentioned above aren’t exhaustive – we have plenty more in the blogs on our website! On the flip side, if you do need extra money to cater for your needs at this time of year, taking part in paid market research is a great way to do it. It’s also a great way to meet new people, and contribute your thoughts on the brands you like shopping during the festive season! We have a number of different projects going on at the moment with cash and vouchers on offer as a thank you for taking part, so make sure you take a look!

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