how to make money at Christmas time

5 cracking tips to save money this Christmas…

The joys of Christmas are just around the corner, but for many people (especially students), there will also be a niggling concern about how they will afford it. If you need some extra cash for Christmas, then read on to find out our top-tips, including how to make money at Christmas time

Rent out your spare space

Renting out your spare space such as a room within your home or an apartment is a great way to earn some extra money for Christmas. This is especially applicable for the holiday season as people may need somewhere to stay when visiting family, but be sure to use legitimate websites such as Airbnb when doing so. You can register as a host here.

Sell your stuff

We all know that you’re never going to listen to that Backstreet Boys CD tucked under your bed, so why not sell it online? There are loads of sites that will offer you cash for your old devices and electronics so why not make the most of it during this festive period? Check out sites such as Music Magpie to sell your old stuff on. While you’re having a good sort out, you may find some clothes that you no longer wear. Apps where you can sell your clothes, such as Depop, are so easy to use! Just take a photo of the item, add a description along with a few hashtags, and upload!

Take part in market research

Want to know how to make money at Christmas time? Then take part in market research! It’s a fun and simple way to tell the big brands what you really think – and you can earn a little bit extra too! Market research simply means gathering information to find out what people think about a product or service. There are several ways that you can take part – find out more below!

Take part in market research

Focus groups – great for chatterboxes!

Focus groups are one of the most common market research methods and are perfect for people who love to chat and share their opinions and ideas with others. Usually, between 5 and 10 people will take part in a group discussion, which is led by a trained individual who will encourage the group to answer questions.

Online Surveys – perfect for busy bees

If you’re pushed for time, online surveys are the perfect way to take part in market research and can make you extra money at Christmas time! They are incredibly convenient, as you can complete them in the comfort of your own home. Therefore, there’s no travel required and they don’t take very long to do. Plus, you get to give your thoughts and opinions on brands you use every day whilst getting paid for it!

New product testing – get your hands on the latest stuff!

Testing products is a lot of fun as you get to try something out in real life, and usually at whilst, you’re at home. The products can be anything from food to apps to devices, making this type of market research brilliant for people who love to be hands on. If the product you are testing is perishable, then you often get to keep it at the end!

Take part in a car-boot sale

Ahh, the trusty car-boot sale. Selling items such as clothing, toys, and homeware at car boot sales is a great way to make money at Christmas time. Plus, you might even find the perfect Christmas gift for someone there too at a fraction of the price!

Become an extra

Ever wanted to be on the big screen with your favourite actors and actresses? Now you can – and you’ll get paid for it too! TV shows and films are always on the look-out for people to be extras in the background of scenes – apply through beonscreen now!

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Paid Focus Groups: what to expect on the day

If you’re reading this, you’ve may have already applied to take part in paid focus groups and been accepted – great news! However, this may be a new experience for you and you might understandably be feeling a little bit nervous. If you’ve received all the information about paid focus groups and are still feeling worried, read on for a step-by-step guide of what you can expect throughout the day (and here’s a tip to start: we think you’ll really enjoy yourself!).

Preparation and getting there

To get the day off to a smooth start, you should leave plenty of time to make the journey to the location of the focus group, which could be a hotel, a supermarket, a high street shop or somewhere else the client has chosen (don’t worry – you will be given this information well in advance). You should arrive 15 minutes early, but in case you do end up running late you need to let someone from the research team know, so make sure you have their contact details on you.

Meeting your fellow group members

When you arrive you will be met and welcomed by someone from the research team, then introduced to the other participants who are taking part in the research too. At the start, you will probably be asked to take part in an icebreaker exercise which will allow you to get to know everyone better and create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Paid Focus Groups

A little bit of ‘housekeeping’ about paid focus groups

Next, the trained individual who is conducting the session will talk you through some important information. This will include points such as:

  • The session might be recorded both sound and video recorded due to market research regulations. (you can read more about them here). This is usually for training or marketing purposes, and you will be told which it is in advance of the day. Sometimes the brand or organisation behind the paid focus group might be watching the session behind a screen or in another room (the researcher will let you know if this is the case)
  • How long the session will last for
  • Where the fire exits are
  • Where the toilets are

The exciting bit: the session itself!

When the session begins, the researcher will work through a series of pre-determined questions about the brand or organisation that you are there to chat about. This is your chance to share your thoughts and opinions about a brand or organisation – so be completely honest and have fun!

Throughout the session, the researcher will gently encourage you to elaborate on your answers to gain more detailed answers and help the discussion move along. This won’t be scary though and you will never be pushed to answer if you don’t want to. The researcher will be very experienced and you are guaranteed a session that is fun, stimulating and rewarding.

After the session

Once the session is over, you’ll usually be given your incentive straight away. If this is not the case, someone will let you know on the day when you will receive it.

This will usually come in the form of cash unless you have been told beforehand that you will be receiving something different. If you’ve enjoyed yourself at the paid focus group then do let us know – we love hearing from you!

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